Advice on wearing a mask when visiting our hospitals

With an increase of community transmission of COVID-19 and following advice from NSW Health, all patients and visitors over the age of 12 are asked to wear a mask when visiting our hospitals.

If you do not have a mask, please let staff know when you arrive and one will be provided to you.

Staff who are within 1.5m of patients and visitors will also be wearing masks, to help keep everyone safe.

Please remember, that wearing a mask is an additional precaution and not a substitute for hand hygiene and physical distancing.

This is one of the many measures we are taking to help keep everyone safe. Thank you for working with us at this changing time.

How to wear a mask:


  • Perform hand hygiene before and after touching the mask
  • Ensure that when applying the mask it is fitted properly
  • Cover your mouth, nose and chin – and adjust to your face 
  • Avoid touching the mask once in place: i.e. do not lower/raise/take off one side to eat, drink, talk, blow your nose, put on lip balm
  • Change the mask if moist, soiled or contaminated and discard the mask immediately and perform hand hygiene
  • Wash a ‘reusable’ mask daily in detergent


  • Do not touch the front of your mask
  • Do not wear the mask only over your mouth or only over your nose
  • Leave the mask hanging around your neck or on top of your head
  • Do not re-use a disposable mask

For more information about COVID-19 and coming to our facilities, please visit our COVID-19 information page.