Free Talking and Listening check-ups

Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick’s (SCH) Speech Pathology team provide free, confidential ‘Talking and Listening Check-Ups’ for Aboriginal children aged 18 months – 6 years, based in the South Sydney area. They take place at a range of locations including schools, day care centres, playgroups, the La Perouse Aboriginal Community Health Centre and for individual families. 

Having strong communication skills is really important for kids starting school – it helps them learn to read and write, make friends and express themselves confidently. Some kids need extra support to develop their talking and listening skills.

Since his check-up at his day care centre two years ago, 4 year old Liam has had regular speech therapy appointments, and his mum Stacey has seen a big improvement. She says his vocabulary is improving, his sentences are getting longer and the sessions have been very beneficial in the lead up to Liam starting school next year.

“I can’t thank SCH Speech Pathology the team enough. They are patient, playful, open to suggestions and incorporate what Liam is interested in into each appointment to keep him engaged and learning. They understand our kids, connect well with parents and carers, and their sessions are always culturally appropriate.” Stacey, Liam's mum

Following this check-up, kids who need additional support are linked with the right services. Parents and carers are given tips on strengthening their child’s talking and listening skills and if speech therapy is needed, the Speech Pathology team at SCH aim to provide a culturally acceptable service and have a long-standing relationship with our local Aboriginal community.

If your school or day care centre is in South Eastern Sydney and would like to arrange a Talking and Listening Check-Up for your Aboriginal families, or you’d like a check-up for your child, please contact SCH Speech Pathologist Cyrena on 0407 403 271 or