Helping deliver a better experience

One moment you’re going about your day, the next you’re in the Emergency Department. You’re scared, stressed, worried and you simply don’t know what will come next.

Enter our Patient Experience Officers, that friendly face you never knew you were looking for. They may not be there to deliver medical care, but they deliver something arguably as important: a friendly ear and the support you need to help make a challenging experience that little bit easier.

So what is a Patient Experience Officer?

While we have the most incredible clinical teams ready to care for your child, Patient Experience Officers are non-clinical professionals dedicated to supporting your wellbeing, while you wait to be seen.

Based in our waiting areas, Patient Experience Officers are your ‘go-to’ person who, amongst many other things, will make sure you:

  • know where to go when you arrive
  • know what to expect during your time in the emergency department
  • are provided with information regarding emergency department processes
  • are linked to an interpreter service if you need it
  • are updated on when they are likely to be seen and any delays
  • can keep your mobile charged while waiting.

Introducing… our new Patient Experience Officers

Barbara Siulepa 

“Through my life having two boisterous boys needing a lot of trips to Emergency, I would have loved to have a PEO in the waiting room to keep me updated and moreover – calm.”

Diane Morey 

“I hope to bring some vitality and personality to some very stressed and worried parents and children, all the while with extreme empathy and compassion.”

Eliora Morris 

“Having worked in ED, I could see the importance of a designated relationship building person to create the most positive experience possible for those attending Emergency, who are dealing with stressful and unprecedented situations.”

Karen Bassett 

“I am a good communicator and have dealt with lots of different situations. I hope to give families a good experience and ensure they feel cared for in a positive way.”

Sandy O’Brien 

“I hope to bring my administration and relationship building skills, to improve the experience during a family’s time in Emergency. I enjoy communicating and connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and bring enthusiasm, empathy and maturity.”

Sarah Collins 

“I hope to bring a cheerful, happy disposition, using my experience with carers and consumers to help alleviate some stress and anxiety around their visit to hospital.”

Patient Experience Officers are relatively new to NSW Hospitals, and were first piloted in a few key hospitals in 2019. Our Officers started in mid August.

While we hope you don’t need to visit our Emergency Department, if you do, make sure to ask our Patient Experience Officer for help.