States unite at COVID-19 frontline

When crisis strikes, it’s in our nature to help; through flood, fire and drought, it's the Australian way. So when our country faced a health crisis like no other, health professionals everywhere joined to fight the COVID-19 pandemic the best way we know how – together.

As Victoria faced record breaking numbers of COVID-19 cases in August, with figures surging higher as each day passed, nurses like Trent Ramsay volunteered for deployment to the southern state;

“It’s simply a matter of helping out our greater community and our health colleagues. I know they would do the exact same for us and there is no doubt we are all in this for the long haul and supporting each other anyway we know how is integral. We were blown away by how thankful and surprised the hospital has been with our team’s help." Trent Ramsay, Registered Nurse.

At the beginning of the year Trent was working as a paramedic in London and returned home to Australia to be close to his family and support Australia during this pandemic then commenced work in Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick’s Intensive Care Unit. There was no hesitation to offer his unique critical care experience to help colleague’s interstate, and on arrival in Victoria, Trent was welcomed to the busy emergency department at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne. 

Trent represented Sydney Children's Hospitals Network as one of 15 NSW Health staff members who volunteered to assist Victoria with their COVID-19 response and who were officially recognised for their efforts by The Hon Brad Hazzard, NSW Minister for Health at an award ceremony last week.

Trent acknowledges the hard work of all health care staff and says he has felt very well protected and supported working as a critical care nurse in both NSW and Victoria during COVID-19. Trent was interviewed just prior to his return to NSW, hear more about his experience here: