Improved Triaging = Improved Outcomes

When a patient presents to the Emergency Department, they are triaged so that the most severe and time-sensitive cases are treated first. Orofacial injuries are no different, and the Dental Team has worked with staff from the Emergency Department to provide training on triaging these injuries for quite some time.

The triaging of children with orofacial injuries is set to dramatically improve with the introduction of definitive guidelines, created by the Dental Team. The guidelines will not only assist in ensuring patients presenting with orofacial injuries are appropriately triaged, but will also provide information for follow-ups that may be required.

“These Guidelines provide an easier, more consistent pathway for staff in the Emergency Department to quickly and correctly triage children with orofacial injuries and to facilitate immediate care and assistance when needed, for example, knocked out teeth or serious bleeding. In the case of a non-urgent injury, they can also facilitate a referral to a local service,

“Correctly triaging orofacial concerns is vital as it assists in providing best care to patients and ensures that children aren’t required to stay in hospital unnecessarily,” A/Prof Richard Widmer, Head of Dentistry, said.

This project is the result of significant work by Dr Winey Wan, Paediatric Dental Registrar, as well as assistance from visiting staff.