COVID vaccination for kids: Your questions answered

Vaccination is the best way to protect our kids, families and the wider community from COVID-19.

While vaccination has been available for adults for some time, experts recently recommended that all Australian children aged 12 years and over also get vaccinated against COVID-19. This is an important step in getting our community back to a ‘COVID-normal’ environment and importantly, to protect others who may be more vulnerable to illness.

Sydney Children's Hospitals Network are supporting the community by providing vaccinations to children 12 years and older through our Vaccination Clinic, meet some of the adolescents who recently chose to be vaccinated and hear from some of the staff supporting them: 

Vaccination is safe and effective, but it is reasonable that parents may want more information in order to feel secure in their decision to vaccinate their child.

Trusted experts across our Network, and the state’s Chief Paediatrician, are here to help by answering some of the most commonly asked questions about children’s COVID-19 vaccinations, find out more:



Remember, vaccination is our best protection against COVID-19, so don't wait - book your appointment today. 

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