Vaccination clinics delivered at La Perouse

Together with the La Perouse Aboriginal Land Council, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network staff have now delivered more than 200 vaccination doses to Aboriginal children and families, during the Network’s first outreach vaccination clinic.

Vaccination plays an important part in the the overall response to COVID, and is the best way we can keep kids and families healthy and safe. Aboriginal Public Health Trainee, Seaneen Wallace was integral in setting up the clinic for the local community, and worked together with key stakeholders to create a comprehensive and supportive environment to deliver care for families.

“This is something we can do to keep us safe, keep our families safe, keep our elders safe” says Seaneen Wallace, Aboriginal Public Health Trainee

The collaboration between Strengthening Our Mob team, La Perouse Aboriginal Land Council, key community leaders as well vaccination and medical staff was imperative to creating a comprehensive and supportive service for Aboriginal children aged 12-15 years, and also their family members.

“It’s really important to get vaccination for our elders, but also for our young ones so we are protecting our future. Mob, you need to get out there and get the vaccination, so we can keep everybody safe” Paul Ryan, Team Leader for Strengthening Our Mob, La Perouse Aboriginal Land Council.