Families thrive after introduction of Wellbeing Rounds

Having a child in hospital is a worrying time for any parent; add a pandemic into the mix and things are even tougher.

The Network’s Clinical Governance Unit are always implementing strategies to help support patients and families when they need it, and ‘Wellbeing Rounds’ may just be one of their most successful activities to date.

The goal of Wellbeing Rounds is simple; speak with parents and carers, ask them how they are doing, identify any needs or concerns they may have, and then address issues wherever possible.

Each ward is allocated a staff member to conduct wellbeing rounds who liaises with patient families to check in on their wellbeing, and see what changes can be made to better support them at this difficult time. Feedback is then passed on to the Ward's Nursing Unit Manager or Team Leader to action.

“Wellbeing rounds provide us with an opportunity to connect with one another on a non-clinical level. We get to check-in and understand how the parent or carer are doing.

Often our parents and Carers are surprised to learn that we care for them too, but the truth is, we can’t do what we do without them," SCHN Consumer Experience Manager, Lauren McGrath, said.

Wellbeing rounds have been incredibly rewarding, and a positive opportunity to understand the COVID and hospital experience from the perspective of our parents and carers,” 

The program is more than just providing some extra support to families; real changes have been, and continue to be made, to provide families with the best care possible.

From the re-grouting of Parent/Carer shower facilities in C3West at Sydney Children's Hospital, to changes to the process of providing breastfeeding mothers with meals, to answering parent questions relating to COVID, Wellbeing Rounds are making a genuine impact on the lives of families.  

Feedback has been nothing but positive from parents and carers, with many grateful not just for the opportunity to share their issues and get some support, but also for the simple act of having a friendly face check in regularly. 

“I can’t thank you enough for continuing to come back and check in on me. It's been a lonely journey and seeing you every few days and just debriefing has certainly helped. During these times, just listening was enough,” said a parent from Clancy Ward. 

Not only has the program proven successful for parents and families, the staff completing the rounds have found it extremely rewarding. 

“Having the opportunity to be a Wellbeing Rounder has not only allowed me to support families, it’s been helpful for me too.

It has been hard staying home knowing my colleagues are dealing with their own worries yet doing their best to care for and support patients and families.

Taking some time to go and visit the ward, say hi to the staff, bring some treats, and check on parents is a way I am able to use my training and skills to support clinical staff and contribute to SCHN's COVID response,” Laurel Mimmo, CGU Project Officer, said.

The CGU Team are currently in the process of rolling out the program to all non-COVID inpatient wards across the Network, and have completed more than 665 wellbeing rounds across both sites since the program began in July.