Quiet Pathway gives options to needle-phobic kids

Most children don't like the thoughts of having a needle but with the right support they can get through it. There are some children though, like 13-year-old Sienna, for who the thought of having a needle causes severe stress and anxiety.

For these children, going to a regular vaccination clinic is unfortunately not an option. They need specialised support, like that provided by the Quiet Pathway.

The Quiet Pathway is a service offered by our hospitals, in collaboration with the National Centre for Immunisation, Research and Surveillance (NCIRS), for children with mental health conditions, sensory issues, anxiety, intellectual disabilities or a phobia of needles. The service is designed to help minimise external stressors and create a calm and comforting space for children while they receive their COVID-19 vaccination.

The environment is tailored to each individual and is guided by the child and their family on how they need to be supported. This could include adjusting lighting, minimising noise, playing music, using fidget toys or enlisting the help of some happy gas or sedation.

Sienna is now proud to say she is double vaxxed against COVID-19, thanks to the help of the clinic, and recommends everyone else gets vaccinated too.

Watch her journey and see how the clinic works.

To find out what options are available for your child, or to make a referral to our Quiet Pathway, speak to your GP. 

For more info on COVID-19 vaccination, visit: https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19