Hospital Road north closure: Randwick Campus Redevelopment

Construction activity is underway on the northern section of Hospital Road outside the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick as part of the Sydney Children’s Hospital Stage 1 and Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre enabling works.

Construction of the new children’s hospital will involve several phases of construction. The first phase of enabling works will upgrade stormwater, power and utility networks to support the increased scale of the new health care infrastructure.

From Friday 8 April, the following changes will be in place:

  • Hospital Road north will be closed to support construction activities in the area
  • Parking on Hospital Road north will be unavailable to staff, patients and visitors
  • Vehicle access to Hospital Road north will be restricted to construction and emergency response vehicles only

Alternative parking across the Randwick Hospitals Campus:

  • The Randwick Hospitals Campus Main Entry and Campus Carpark remains accessible 24/7 via Barker Street and Easy Street offering drop-off, disability parking, lifts and undercover access to the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick
  • Two disability parking spaces will be allocated at the Sydney Children’s Hospital High Street drop-off before the road closure
  • 15-minute parking is also available on Clara Street, located near the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick High Street entrance
  • Children’s Emergency drop-off parking remains available on High Street

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The Randwick Campus Redevelopment team is working closely with the campus emergency services, Randwick City Council and authorities to coordinate and deliver this work.   

Hospital access will be maintained at all times: 

  • 24/7 access to and from the existing Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick family and patient drop-off and Children’s Emergency on High Street.
  • 24/7 access to the campus carpark remains via Barker Street and Easy Street
  • Access to the campus loading docks, Francis Martin Drive and levels B2 and B3 of the campus car park will continue to be available from Barker Street and Hospital Road south.

Work may be rescheduled due to weather or unforeseen circumstances such as workforce availability. 

Thank you for your patience during this time. 

Why are these works happening? 

The works are part of the Randwick Campus Redevelopment, which includes more than $1.5 billion investment in world-class health, research and education infrastructure that will deliver expanded services and new models of care to the local community and other residents of NSW. In the future Hospital Road north will provide underground ambulance access to the new Children’s Emergency and a ground level pedestrian plaza for staff, patients, students and the community to enjoy above.

Construction hours

Through April 2022, construction activities will take place between: 6am to 10pm, Monday to Friday • 7am to 5pm on Saturday

Where possible, activities are scheduled during standard hours. At times, specific construction activities will be scheduled outside of these hours for traffic and safety reasons, due to either the location or impact of the works. Concurrent works are being undertaken by Authorities on the northern section of Hospital Road. Notification of these works will be managed separately by the Authorities. Activities are dependent on weather and site conditions and are subject to change. Information about activities that may affect local stakeholders is provided in advance to inform the community about upcoming works.

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