Six women inspiring others through their leadership

Healthcare is a primarily female-dominated industry and SCHN is no different. Of positions within our Network, 79 per cent are held by women, strong and powerful women at that. Across our hospitals and services, there are women working at all levels, in all different positions from nurses, to surgeons, to logistics managers and corporate services. Roles are based off skill, not gender stereotypes and that is something to be proud of. 

This year's International Women's Day theme is #BreakTheBias, and is an opportunity to promote a world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. A world that's diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated.

As healthcare professionals, whether experiencing the effects of gender bias or not, all our staff have a role to play in educating and empowering others, particularly the little lives they are helping to care for, to create a more inclusive and equitable future for generations to come.

Today, we meet six of the woman forging the way.

Kristy McLeod

Kristy McLeod is the Disaster Coordinator for SCHN, leading the development and implementation of disaster preparedness and coordinating disaster responses, in partnership with the Hospital Disaster Controllers and Executive team. For the last two years, Kristy's role has revolved primarily around responding to the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic, acting as the conduit between Emergency Operations Centre, the hospital departments and everything else in between. Read more.

Seaneen Wallace

Seaneen Wallace is an Aboriginal Public Health Trainee within Child Community Health. Always wanting to work in a role where she could be able to give back, Seaneen is committed to influencing and bettering health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Over the three years of her placement, Seaneen has contributed to a number of key initiatives across SCHN in the areas of epidemiology, data analysis, service planning, population health management, communicable diseases, and health promotion. Read more.

Paula Bray

Dr Paula Bray is the Acting Director of Research for SCHN. As a member of the executive team, she works to lead, monitor and evaluate research ensuring careful alignment with SCHN strategic and operational plans. Dr Bray is focused on improving clinical care through translating discoveries into practice and advancing towards a research-enabled organisation. Most importantly, she values and is humbled by working with dedicated and talented individuals who share a collective purpose to help children and their families live their healthiest lives. Read more.

Linda Massard

Linda Massard is the Logistics and Stores Manager at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. In her role, she looks after the Mailroom, Stores and Transport departments, as well as the staff and visitor car parks. Linda didn't start in a management role but over the past eight years, her passion for helping children and their families has grown to helping empower others to do the same thing. Read more.

Prudence Harrison

Prudence Harrison is an Adolescent Fellow at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick. She has a passion for working with vulnerable teenagers, particularly those with drug and alcohol problems, helping to create and influence a safe and supportive health system as they navigate the tumultuous landscape around them. Last year, Prudence took up position as Chief Resident Medical Officer to support the wellbeing of her fellow Junior Medical Officers (JMO) and help them through the challenges of COVID-19. Read more.

Cassie Hainsworth

Cassie Hainsworth is the Program Director for The Children’s Hospital at Westmead Stage 2 redevelopment, responsible for leading the team delivering a new Paediatric Services Building to transform kids’ health. Prior to her work in redevelopment, Cassie worked as a psychologist in Psychological Medicine and a registered nurse in Hall Ward. Cassie has always had a desire to lead a team, not only to contribute to change within the organisation but also to support and empower those around her. Read more