Flu vaccinations for children under five

If you have a child aged six months to five years, it’s important to get them vaccinated to avoid the risk of suffering serious illness from influenza.

It is is recommended everyone six months and older get a flu jab. Influenza (flu) vaccination is safe and effective, and children aged six months to under five years are eligible for a free vaccine from their GP.

Acting Executive Director, Health Protection NSW, Dr Vicky Sheppeard said young children are making up a higher proportion of flu cases than two years ago.

“With international borders reopening, increased social mixing and lower exposure to influenza over the past two years, more people of all ages will be at risk of influenza than in the past two years, when COVID-19 safeguard measures offered us greater protection.

“This year there is particular concern for those young children aged two and under, who have never lived through a flu season or gained any immunity to the virus. We have plenty of vaccine supply available across NSW, so please book in with your GP now.”

Vaccinations are available through GPs for everyone aged six months and over and also available through pharmacies for everyone aged 10 and over. If you have any questions, speak with your GP or pharmacist.

For more information visit the NSW Health website.