Art for hearts

Creating art always involves a lot of love but the 18 artworks featured in Project H-Art are more heartfelt than most.

The powerful artworks have all been created by children and young people from around NSW and ACT who are either ‘heart kids’ and live with congenital heart disease (CHD), or have a family member who is a heart kid.

Project H-Art is a creative project and initiative of HeartKids that gives children and young people aged 10-18 years of age the opportunity to express and share their lived experience in an uplifting and creative way.

The artworks and stories reflect the complex emotional and physical challenges these young people face through their experiences with heart disease.

For some, the project is the first time they have been able to express their story, while for others, it has given them a new creative outlet to share their experience.


15-year-old Ellen is one of the artists to contribute her creative piece. Ellen’s little brother 13-year-old, lives with a heart condition. This project was a chance for Ellen to represent her journey as a big sister to someone with CHD

"My artwork represents my family and how my brother’s heart condition affects us. The big heart signifies my brother, his heart condition has not stopped him from growing into a person with a big personality.” Ellen said.

“The three other hearts signify my parents and me and how we have supported my brother and been with him every step of the way.

The white dots that run along the connection between the fourth hearts is a tribute to all the people who have supported not only my brother but my parents and myself also." 

Nicole Dinsmore, Cardiac Nurse Manager at Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network said the artworks are a great opportunity for the young people to express their journey as a Heart Kid.

“This is such a wonderful initiative of HeartKids. It is incredible to see the effort young artists have put in to create these amazing artworks and we are so proud to display them in the hallways of our hospitals.” Nicole said.

The Project H-Art artworks are part of the Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation Art Programs' Winter Art Exhibition and are currently displayed at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick on level two and will be displayed at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead in late September.