For families

  • Rise in burns injuries from instant noodles

    Experts are urging parents and carers to be extra vigilant with hot food and drink these school holidays, following a spike in burns injuries from instant noodles.
  • Strength of SCHN Allied Health celebrated

    Eight Allied Health professionals have been recognised at the annual SCHN allied health awards for the contributions they make every day to delivering exemplary patient care.
  • Strength and the unwavering love of carers

    There are millions of carers across Australia, each with unique circumstances and stories of their own. Tammy, Patrick, Teresa and Harry are among these people, all helping to care for a child with complex needs.
  • Lifesaving treatment helps Dom live his best life back home

    For seven-year-old Dom, splashing around in the water at the beach near his north coast home is an everyday miracle. It’s something his mum, Lauren, says wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for parenteral nutrition.

  • Ariel's lifeline

    Twelve-year-old Ariel is like most teens her age. She is quietly sassy, has a wicked sense of humour and loves spending time with her friends. All of this is possible thanks to parenteral nutrition, which helped save her life.