Our patients

  • “Mum! She has a leg like me!”

    Seven-year-old Mia and Paralympic swimmer Ellie Cole lead very different lives.

    While Mia attends primary school, Ellie trains for the Paralympics and while Mia is winning class awards, Ellie is winning gold medals.

  • The life-changing effect of immunoglobulin therapy

    Imagine knowing that common childhood infections could be life-threatening for your child. For some parents of children living with a Primary Immunodeficiency (PI), this is a reality.
  • Young people help guide the future of healthcare

    Like the patients we care for, we are always learning, growing and exploring in an effort to deliver the highest quality care for children, young people and their families, and who better to guide us in this pursuit than our patients themselves?

  • Wowed by the Wonders of Westmead

    The 12th Annual Art Competition, WOW, short for Wonders of Westmead held by the Youth Arts Program has seen patients, families and staff at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead showcase their artistic talents.
  • How the 'keto' diet helped Ivy

    It's not a fad weight loss diet- the ketogenic diet helps many patients across the Hospital, including three year old Ivy, and it's all possible due to the support of Dietitians across the Network.