Health advocacy

  • Finding strength and solidarity in shared experience

    Navigating a chronic illness diagnosis or living with a disability as a young person can be challenging, overwhelming, and at times, isolating. While everyone’s story is unique, there is strength and solidarity to be found in shared experience.   

  • Rise in burns injuries from instant noodles

    Experts are urging parents and carers to be extra vigilant with hot food and drink these school holidays, following a spike in burns injuries from instant noodles.
  • Healing Landon's hearing

    Just months after an unexpected hearing loss diagnosis, two-year-old Landon pointed up with amazement to a plane in the sky. For the first time he could not only see the plane but hear it too.
  • ChIPS release "Frequent Flyer - What’s left to Lose" music video

    ChIPS members were empowered to write, compose and record a new song, "Frequent Flyer" that powerfully conveys the experience of being a young person living with a chronic health condition and learning to cope with frequent stays in hospital.
  • Traditional and modern medicine unite for Corey

    Traditional Aboriginal healing and modern medicine came together in a partnership to turnaround Corey’s recovery journey.