Health advocacy

  • Hospital placement upskills regional nurse

    Supporting nurses beyond the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network in paediatric education is helping strengthen health outcomes in rural and regional communities.
  • Reducing risk of perinatal HIV transmission

    A multi-disciplinary, collaborative network of health professionals at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, (SCH) and beyond is not only helping reduce the stigma, but also the risk of mother to child transmission of HIV.
  • Closing the gap for healthy hearts

    Having just been selected for the Sydney Swans Academy, 10-year-old Skout has come a long way since he was diagnosed with Acute Rheumatic Fever (ARF) days after his birthday earlier this year.
  • Tackling climate change impact on mental health

    A suite of resources addressing the impact of climate change on mental health has been launched by Sydney Children’s Hospital Network and NSW Health to help support people through the current environmental crisis.
  • A window safety device can save a life

    Experts at Sydney Childrens Hospitals Network are encouraging families to check their window safety in the lead-up to summer.