Health advocacy

  • Parents urged to vaccinate kids against flu

    Parents are urged to vaccinate children six months and over against influenza, following a sharp increase in the number of children admitted to SCHN with the flu.
  • Flu vaccinations for children under five

    If you have a child aged six months to five years, it’s important to get them vaccinated to avoid the risk of suffering serious illness from influenza.

  • Hope is where the heart is

    Lisa Paisley is no stranger to heart disease. Not only was she born with a heart defect, but so were all three of her children.
  • Senior NIDCAP Trainer delivers 'gold standard' care to newborns

    Nadine Griffiths, Clinical Nurse Consultant in the Grace Centre for Newborn Intensive Care, has become the first Senior NIDCAP Trainer in Australia and Australasia.
  • Magnet warning from popular toy

    Clinicians at The Children's Hospital at Westmead have warned parents of the dangers of children swallowing magnetic balls after four-year-old Chloe was rushed to emergency.