• New study shows boosters and public health measures limit omicron spread

    New research has highlighted the importance of boosters and public health measures in protecting the population against the COVID-19 Omicron variant.

  • Weekend walk-in vaccinations begin at Randwick

    Weekend walk-in vaccinations will begin this Saturday at our Randwick Vaccination Clinic until March 6.

    To help keep the community safe from COVID-19, vaccination clinics around the state will be accepting walk-in appointments every Saturday and Sunday for the next four weeks.

  • What to expect: COVID-19 Vaccination

    Does your child have questions about COVID-19 vaccination?

    Gabriella and Hannah let us tag along during their recent appointment, to help show kids what’s involved and what to expect.

  • Has your child tested positive to COVID-19?

    In most cases, COVID positive children can be safely and comfortably cared for at home.

    We asked Dr Brendan McMullan, Infectious Diseases Specialist to help guide parents and carers on what to do, what to look out for, and when to seek help.

  • Why it's important for kids to be vaccinated

    Why people choose vaccination is often highly personal.

    For some, it’s to help do their part. For others, it’s the best way to protect their vulnerable children from COVID-19.

    We asked a few parents and children why they chose vaccination, and why you should consider it too.