• Mandatory reporting of a positive RAT result

    It is now mandatory to report a positive rapid antigen test result via the Service NSW app or website.

  • COVID-19 vaccination opens to kids five years and over

    January 10 was a milestone day for 300 children at our Randwick and Westmead Vaccination clinics, who were among the first Australian’s aged 5-11 years to receive the COVID-19 jab.

  • Changes to surveillance testing

    In line with NSW Health advice, patients and their accompanying parent/carer no longer need to have a PCR test prior to coming to hospital for an outpatient appointment or surgery.

  • Tips to help ease your child’s fear of vaccination

    Needles. Just the idea of them can fill many of us with dread. 

    For children with anxiety, needle-phobia or behavioural issues, vaccination can be a distressing and challenging process  - for everyone involved.

  • Quiet Pathway gives options to needle-phobic kids

    Most children don't like the thoughts of having a needle but with the right support they can get through it. There are some children though, like 13-year-old Sienna, for who the thought of having a needle causes severe stress and anxiety.