For families

  • Act now to develop healthy habits

    It’s the topic people tend to shy away from, but childhood obesity is as important as the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s time for everyone to take action.

  • Managing anxiety in children following disasters

    Over the last two years everyone has been impacted in some way by COVID-19. Feelings of uncertainty felt during the pandemic may have been compounded by recent world events in Australia and abroad.

  • Weekend walk-in vaccinations begin at Randwick

    Weekend walk-in vaccinations will begin this Saturday at our Randwick Vaccination Clinic until March 6.

    To help keep the community safe from COVID-19, vaccination clinics around the state will be accepting walk-in appointments every Saturday and Sunday for the next four weeks.

  • A new neuroscience centre at the intersection of health, research and education

    As part of the Sydney Children’s Hospital Stage 1 redevelopment, Randwick will be home to a new Neuroscience Comprehensive Care and Research Centre. We recently sat down with Neurology experts from our Randwick campus to learn how the new space will lead to improved patient outcomes.
  • What to expect: COVID-19 Vaccination

    Does your child have questions about COVID-19 vaccination?

    Gabriella and Hannah let us tag along during their recent appointment, to help show kids what’s involved and what to expect.