For families

  • COVID-19 Test for Kids: What to expect

    The thought of having a COVID-19 test can be nerve-wracking at any age but especially for a child - and kids are bound to have lots of questions. So rather than trying to explain it, we thought we'd show them.

  • Mini brains may help treat incurable brain cancer

    Treatments for incurable and aggressive brain cancers may only be a few years away with researchers in the Children’s Cancer Research Unit (CCRU) beginning a new research project to trial CAR-T cell therapy on mini brains.
  • Lost but never forgotten

  • National Carers Week 2020

    Three year old Archie is cared for full time by his mum, Fiona.

  • New NETS Non-Emergency Transport Service launched

    A new NETS non-emergency newborn transport service was launched this week. The service will transport babies safely to a hospital closer to home when they no longer require intensive care.