For families

  • Bath time is back with cast change

    For infants with developmental hip dysplasia and femur fractures, wearing a hip spica cast can be an uncomfortable and challenging process for all involved. But the introduction of waterproof hip spica casts has been life changing for families.
  • Flu vaccinations for children under five

    If you have a child aged six months to five years, it’s important to get them vaccinated to avoid the risk of suffering serious illness from influenza.

  • New cancer centre to provide world's best care

    Rory was just two and half years old when his parents were told the unthinkable - he had a very rare aggressive thyroid cancer that had already metastasised to his neck and chest.  

  • Japanese encephalitis: Be alert, not alarmed

    Experts are asking people to be alert not alarmed as Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) starts circulating in the community.

  • Act now to develop healthy habits

    It’s the topic people tend to shy away from, but childhood obesity is as important as the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s time for everyone to take action.