From an expert

  • Why reading Matters! The Little Readers Read-a-thon

    Let’s take a look at why reading to baby is important

    Reading to your baby every day supports their development not only in the NICU, but also going into early infancy and childhood.

  • Speech pathology in focus

    This week is Speech Pathology Week, so we spoke to Cyrena Bluck-Madden, Speech Pathologist at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, to

  • Get medicine wise

    Let’s face it, kids hate taking medicine.

    And who can blame them? Swallowing something that tastes awful when you already feel sick can be a recipe for disaster. 

  • Friday Fast Five: Meet Pierre Kuhn

    Each month we interview individuals associated with the Australasian NIDCAP Training Centre and the broader NIDCAP Federation International (NFI) community, asking them five questions that explore their association with our unit and NIDCAP.

  • Breastfeeding in focus - tackling common problems

    To celebrate World Breastfeeding Week which falls in August, our Child and Family Health teams tackle some common breastfeeding problems parents can encounter.