Health advocacy

  • Double the difference – how organ donation saved these siblings

    13-year-old Jayden and two-year-old Lorelei share a special bond. Not only are they brother and sister, but they were also both born with Ornithine transcarbamylase disorder (OTD), a rare metabolic condition which required them both received liver transplants as babies. While all families with children who have received transplants are passionate about organ donation, Jayden and Lorelei’s parents, Alannah and Bryson, have double the reason.
  • Canadian First Nations Acknowledgement

    Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network acknowledges the pain and suffering of the Indigenous First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples of Canada, who are dealing with the heartbreaking discovery of hundreds of unmarked graves at a former residential school for Indigenous children.

  • Incredible Interns: Fostering a more inclusive and diverse workplace

    Angelica is an eager learner, passionate workplace contributor and a big spreadsheet fan. She also lives with a disability that can impact her work life - but she doesn't let it stop her.

  • Protecting kids by preventing burns this winter

    Burns can happen in an instant, and can have serious, lifelong impacts, something 18-month-old Benjamin’s family knows all too well.
  • Continuing our steps towards reconciliation

    Reconciliation is more than a word. It is a term that requires meaningful action to make a positive change – something that is important not just during National Reconciliation Week, but all year round.