Health advocacy

  • ChIPS release "Frequent Flyer - What’s left to Lose" music video

    ChIPS members were empowered to write, compose and record a new song, "Frequent Flyer" that powerfully conveys the experience of being a young person living with a chronic health condition and learning to cope with frequent stays in hospital.
  • Traditional and modern medicine unite for Corey

    Traditional Aboriginal healing and modern medicine came together in a partnership to turnaround Corey’s recovery journey.
  • Kira’s home away from home

    When Ben and Lee became first time parents, they never expected to need Bear Cottage. Now they couldn't imagine life without it.
  • Delight in Kindy Kids Program's Randwick return

    The Kindy Kids Program brings together children and third-year medical students for a session of education and fun.
  • Strengthening outcomes for children from priority populations

    Over $2 million in funding has been awarded by Luminesce Alliance to support the Providing Enhanced Access to Child Health Services Evaluation (PEACH-E) project. Taking personalised medicine to scale, this project aims to reduce health inequalities and strengthen outcomes for children and young people from priority populations.