Health advocacy

  • Fewer side effects for kids from COVID vax

    A third of Australian children aged 5-11 years old are experiencing fewer side effects than the rest of the eligible population following their second dose of Pfizer vaccination, according to new surveillance data.
  • Vaping is not cool

    In recent years, vaping has grown in popularity, particularly amongst teenagers and young people, as a “safer” alternative to smoking but experts are warning that’s not the case and are urging everyone to “know the facts” to avoid serious health problems.
  • Transforming health for a more equitable future

    In the last year, SCHN has taken a number of positive steps towards improving health for Aboriginal children and their families, implementing several new programs and introducing new positions that focus on addressing Aboriginal health disparities and ensure safe, reliable and equitable healthcare for all.
  • Act now to develop healthy habits

    It’s the topic people tend to shy away from, but childhood obesity is as important as the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s time for everyone to take action.

  • Gastroenteritis outbreaks spike in childcare settings

    A substantial spike in the number of viral gastroenteritis outbreaks in childcare centres across NSW has prompted health experts to issue advice to parents, urging them to keep their children at home if unwell.