Kids health

  • Sydney Children's Hospitals Network is going sugar free

    The first phase of the Healthy Choices in Health Facilities rolls-out tomorrow. All sugar sweetened drinks currently available for purchase will be replaced with sugar free options.

  • Our beds see new life in Fiji

    Midway through this year, we were met with a challenge: how to find a home for over 60 hospital beds that were being replaced with newer models.

  • Emojis improving how hospital staff interact with young patients

    At the National Nursing Forum 400 health professionals learnt how emojis can be used by patients and their families to communicate their feelings.

  • Shaken Baby Prevention Project Award

    The National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN) has recognised the Shaken Baby Prevention Project as an 'Inspiring Prevention Initiative' during National Child Protection Week.