Our patients

  • Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network commits to 'Axe the Fax'

    A shift from paper to digital referrals is underway at our Network, with a new system set to increase efficiencies and improve the patient experience by allowing GPs, specialists, allied health professionals and primary care providers to send e-referrals to us securely.

  • Helping children's ears for 20 years

    Had it not been for Statewide Infant Screening – Hearing (SWISH), one-year-old Archie may still not have been diagnosed with hearing loss, and the long-term impacts of this would have already begun to set in.
  • Paralympian Tim Hodge credits Allied Health

    From former patient to world swimming champion, Tim Hodge credits allied health staff.
  • COVID's extraordinary silver lining

    How the pandemic gave five Sydney teens a new lease on life.
  • Adolescent patients supported by new SCH1 design

    The new Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick aims to improve age-appropriate spaces and programs for adolescent patients to ensure they feel at home while staying at our hospital.