Our patients

  • World-first trial for paediatric brain cancer

    A world-first clinical trial has been launched at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick for children with ependymoma – a rare and devastating form of paediatric brain cancer.

  • ChIPS release "Frequent Flyer - What’s left to Lose" music video

    ChIPS members were empowered to write, compose and record a new song, "Frequent Flyer" that powerfully conveys the experience of being a young person living with a chronic health condition and learning to cope with frequent stays in hospital.
  • Traditional and modern medicine unite for Corey

    Traditional Aboriginal healing and modern medicine came together in a partnership to turnaround Corey’s recovery journey.
  • New program helps children with underlying predisposition to cancer

    A new program at The Children's Hospital at Westmead is helping to change the game for children with cancer, offering new insight for families with underlying genetic predispositions to cancer and equipping clinicians with more information than ever before.
  • Kira’s home away from home

    When Ben and Lee became first time parents, they never expected to need Bear Cottage. Now they couldn't imagine life without it.