Our patients

  • Workshops explore local Aboriginal art and culture

    Young people from the hospital's chronic illness support groups learnt the traditional Aboriginal art forms of shellwork and ochre painting at recent workshops. The sessions are aligned with an Aboriginal Engagement Strategy followed by the redevelopment team, which aims to include Aboriginal voices in all project stages to achieve an inclusive and culturally safe hospital.
  • Breathing new life into face masks

    Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, face masks have been used as a way to protect the community from COVID. Now, thanks to a new recycling initiative, they are also being used to protect the environment.
  • Transplant has Aila leaping for her dreams

    A life-saving gift of a donor liver has given 12-year-old Aila a hopeful future of realising her dream to become a nurse.
  • "Navy SEALs of medical world" save baby Charlie

    When Charlie was born eight weeks early needing extra support to breathe, the team from the Newborn and paediatric Emergency Transport Service were right there by his side.
  • Radical transplant lets Mila live pain-free

    A pioneering surgery, performed for only the second time in New South Wales, has transformed 10-year-old Mila’s life after a rare genetic condition stopped her pancreas from working.