Our staff

  • Elouise had a little lamb

    Undergoing multiple injections can be confronting for any person let alone a five-year-old but this is a reality for Elouise.

  • Child Protection Week 2021: "Child wellbeing at the forefront"

    This week is National Child Protection Week, a week where we focus on strengthening families, and communities, and supporting our children to feel safe, secure, and connected in healthy relationships to the significant people in their lives.

  • Sustainability initiative saves enough energy to fly to Singapore 138 times

    An initiative aimed at reducing the energy consumption of fridges and freezers in laboratories has seen the Pathology Department at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead save more than 60,000 KWh per year – the equivalent of flying to Singapore 138 times.
  • Music Therapy Week 2021: Music that heals

    The hospital can be a scary place for a child and their family. Coming to terms with their diagnosis and treatment in an unfamiliar setting can naturally cause uneasiness and trepidation.

  • Happy teeth, healthy heart

    When staff working on Edgar Stephen Ward noticed the cardiac patients they were treating often required dental treatment, they decided to approach the Department of Dentistry, proposing a joint project to improve dental hygiene and health among patients.