• Navigating a rare disease diagnosis

    Steps are being taken by Sydney Children's Hospitals Network to improve equity of access and service management for those living with a rare disease via The Navigator Project.
  • Tackling the heart of childhood obesity

    Childhood obesity is a complex health issue which requires complex solutions, and a new study looking at the complex pathways leading to childhood obesity hopes to help get to the heart of the issue.
  • Strengthening outcomes for children from priority populations

    Over $2 million in funding has been awarded by Luminesce Alliance to support the Providing Enhanced Access to Child Health Services Evaluation (PEACH-E) project. Taking personalised medicine to scale, this project aims to reduce health inequalities and strengthen outcomes for children and young people from priority populations.
  • Vaccination pathway empowers families and staff

    A SCHN study investigated the outcomes of using parental and staff feedback to develop and evaluate the service of the ‘Difficult to Vaccinate’ clinical pathway.
  • Almost $19 million awarded to researchers

    More than $18.7 million in funding as been allocated to researchers across SCHN through the latest MRFF grant.