• Children’s immune response to COVID-19

    A new study has shown children’s immune response to COVID-19 is fast but not long lasting.
  • Efficacy of newborn screening for SMA

    New research has shown newborn bloodspot screening is more effective than conventional clinical diagnosis pathways for improving health outcomes in infants with SMA.
  • Next step to mainstream gene therapies

    Gene therapies have helped patients in our Network see stars in the sky for the first time. Now, experts are calling for research to look at how gene therapies can be adapted and scaled to become standard practices for people right around Australia.
  • Research project to help elevate newborn bloodspot screening

    A new research project to enhance newborn screening is set to help new and emerging treatment therapies be available to children as early as possible by using genome sequencing to screen for a range of treatment-ready genetic conditions.
  • Leading researcher wins Peter Wills medal

    Professor Ian Alexander wins Peter Wills Medal at the Research Australia Health and Medical Research Awards.