Workplace Bullying - Prevention and Management

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Document Purpose

These guidelines are to be used when an individual observes or is aware of workplace bullying; when an individual believes they have been the victim of workplace bullying; to understand the process for raising, managing and addressing a workplace concern regarding alleged bullying behaviour. This document is to be used to support the mandatory NSW Health Policy Directives 'Bullying - Prevention and Management of Workplace Bullying in NSW Health' (PD2011_018) and 'Work Health and Safety: Better Practice Procedures' (PD2013_050). It provides guidance on informal resolution processes in accordance with the NSW Health Policy Directive 'Resolving Workplace Grievances' (PD2016_046) and provides education on the options available to individuals who wish to raise a concern that involves suspected or actual bullying behaviour. The document outlines the obligations of the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network (SCHN) in preventing and managing workplace bullying and the rights and responsibilities of those involved.

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