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Kids Simulation Australia (KSA) is the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network simulation service.

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  • Ph: 02 9382 1911
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Our vision: Simulation as part of safety, quality and education for paediatric healthcare.
Our purpose: To champion safe, immersive experiences that ensure children receive high quality healthcare
KSA forms part of the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network Education Services and is guided by the SCHN Education and Training Strategic Plan (2017-2022).
Core components of the KSA service include:

  • A Network based team of SCHN employees
  • Kim Oates Australian Paediatric Simulation Centre – Children’s Hospital at Westmead
  • Les White Clinical Education Centre – Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick
  • Resus4Kids Training and Education Program

KSA aims to provide a Network based simulation service that focuses on patient safety, quality improvement and immersive education for paediatric health services.  

KSA focuses on applying innovative and evidence-based simulation techniques to allow paediatric healthcare professionals a safe, immersive experience that improves knowledge and skill development. These experiences are aimed at ensuring high quality care is provided to all paediatric patients.

The stakes are high in healthcare and mistakes can have serious consequences for critically unwell children. Through replication of real-life situations in a controlled environment, simulation based techniques provide a safe space to test, investigate and learn.

KSA projects and programs provide training for paediatric staff working all levels of healthcare. We offer general neonatal and paediatric courses, as well as customised simulation courses designed to meet local health area needs ranging from testing facilities or procedures to multidisciplinary team training for senior clinicians.

To find out more about how we use simulation based techniques within paediatric healthcare, see what the experts have to say.


The Resus4Kids Training and Education Program offers paediatric life support training for healthcare rescuers who may be involved in the initial resuscitation of an infant or child in respiratory or cardiac arrest.

The Resus4Kids program uses a variety of teaching methods, including simulation based techniques, to provide a scaffolded learning experience for all users.

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