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Kids Simulation Australia (KSA) is the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network simulation program dedicated to improving the quality and safety of paediatric health care through experiential learning.

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The KSA centers apply innovative and evidence-based training techniques, cutting-edge technology and highly skilled technical and clinical specialists all focused on developing and improving out comes for paediatric patients.

In emergency situations the stakes are high, mistakes can have serious consequences for critically injured children. Through the replication of real-life scenarios in a controlled environment simulation provides a safe space to learn.

KSA courses provide training for paediatric staff working all levels of health care from new graduates to ICU and ED specialists, working across our network from regionally rural hospitals to our larger teaching hospitals in Sydney.

We offer general neonatal and paediatric  courses and customised simulation courses designed to meet local health area needs. They range from testing facilities and procedures to cutting edge course in emergency and intensive care.

External groups can choose to conduct their own Sim sessions designed for their own needs. The center operates to the highest standards of ethical conduct and uses a selection of Laerdal manikins operated by our experienced educators and technical staff. 

To find out how simulation could work for you, see what the experts have to say.

Our activities over Healthcare Simulation Week (17-21 September, 2018)

Healthcare Simulation Week is a global initiative that prompts the use  of simulation to improve the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of healthcare delivery. This week help raise awareness in  communities nationwide about how healthcare simulation is leading us to safer, more knowledgeable patient care. 

KSA hosted two ‘Meet and Greets' to celebrate Healthcare Simulation week, showcasing some of the work that Kids Simulation Australia is engaged in and promoting the service to SCHN staff and patient families. See photos at the top of this page for some of the activities staff and hospital visitors enjoyed, and an article about KSA and Healthcare Simulation week here


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