What we do

What is Simulation? How does it work, what can it achieve?

We're often asked this question by people about to begin one of our courses or who are contemplating doing so.
We asked some of our experts in the field of simulation based learning to describe simulation to someone who has never experienced it.

This is what they said:

The process

Simulation is an education tool. It provides a safe space to practice complex medical procedures, to learn and improve in the process.
This requires a written and quantified course structure, called  'the scenario' or script, and a team of clinical experts to put it into practice.

After completing the task the debriefing provides opportunity for a frank and robust discussion,
to examine in detail what happened and why and what can be learned from the experience.

Forensic Sim

Simulation is evolving from it's primary role as clinical education tool into an experiential,
observational testing ground for all manner of clinical and non-clinical procedures and practices.

The fix

Through simulation we can uncover problems and identify solutions with existing, new or proposed procedures
and find new ways of enhancing the old and refining the new.