Little Readers Read-a-thon

Even the tiniest babies need frequent exposure to spoken language to ensure optimal early brain development.

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Registrations for the Little Readers Read-a-thon 2020 are now open! 

The 2020 read-a-thon is running from the 7th - 18th of September. You can register for the event with our partners at Life's Little Treasures Foundation:

Key dates for the read-a-thon are listed below:

  • Register your hospital to receive downloadable resources and your hospital starter pack by the 21st of August
  • Run your Little Readers Read-a-thon event in hospital between 7th – 18th of September
  • Upload your hospital’s logging sheets to win a prize. Logging sheets must be uploaded by September 25th.
  • Check our Life’s Little Treasure social media pages to see if your hospital is a winner! Winners announced on September 30th

Reading really matters

During a baby’s time in the Neonatal Unit critical brain development is occurring, including the development of the pathways in the brain that control language skills. By reading to their babies, parents are not only bonding with them and reducing some of the stress associated with being in the NICU, but they are also supporting their baby’s brain development.

Babies need frequent exposure to meaningful auditory experiences to ensure optimal early brain development.

Research has identified a number of benefits of reading from early infancy, with a lasting effect on language, literacy and early reading skills with a boost in vocabulary at four years of age. See list of scholarly articles below.


You can download and print the following resources:

Supporting evidence

The following publications and resources explore reading and language in the neonatal setting.


Exposure to Language