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These resources are designed to support clinicians and parents in the care of neonates.

Making a nest for your newborn in the hospital setting

Exploring the parent journey in the neonatal unit

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Books for bubs in the NICU

Books for Bubs in the NICU aims to support families during their time in the NICU with their babies. The program was developed by Arona Gibbons after her twin grandsons, Bodhi and Jarrah were born at 26 weeks gestation and spent their first months of life in the NICU. 

During their initial time in the NICU, holding and touching the boys was almost impossible for their parents, and so they started reading, talking and singing to them. Arona and the boy’s parents, Taycee and Owen could see that using their voices helped to settle the boys when they were having a hard day and helped to build their bond as a family.

Very sadly, Bodhi passed away at just one month old, but the memories the family were able to create with him by reading and singing to him is something they will treasure forever. Jarrah went on to spend two more months at NICU where he was read and sang to as much as possible. His love for books now continues. 

Arona has since started this program and has joined together with Paint the Lake Read, an early literacy program. This program encourages and supports all families to read, talk and sing with their children, in order to support their child’s brain development and strengthen their emotional attachment. 

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Australian College of Neonatal Nurses (ACNN) - Neuro-developmental Special Interest Group 

The Australian College of Neonatal Nurses (ACNN) have a number of Special Interest Groups (SIG) focused on supporting the application of care in the neonatal setting. One SIG is focused on Neuro-developmental Care (NDC), ACNN members can join the SIG and access a range of resources and education opportunities. The NDC SIG's  focus is to support the provision of family centred and developmentally supportive practices across neonatal settings and to promote consistency in practice and improved neuro-developmental outcomes for vulnerable neonates. The NDC SIG aims to raise awareness in the neonatal setting of developmental care as a conscious individualised practice that is considered a minimum standard of care.

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