Indigenous Employment and Workforce Development Strategy

Indigenous Employment and Workforce Development Strategy

The Network has developed a localised strategy in line with the NSW Health Aboriginal Workforce Strategic Framework 2011 – 2015  to increase the Aboriginal workforce across the public health sector in clinical, non-clinical and leadership roles.

Our Key Objectives

  • Increase the representation of Aboriginal employees to 2.6% across NSW Health.
  • Increase the representation of Aboriginal people working in our clinical areas.
  • Develop partnerships between the health and education sectors to deliver real change for Aboriginal people wanting to enter the health workforce and improve career pathways for existing Aboriginal staff.
  • Provide leadership and planning in Aboriginal workforce development.
  • Provide employment to Aboriginal university graduates in health professions.
  • Build a NSW health workforce which closes the gap in health outcomes between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people by providing culturally safe and competent health services.

If you are interested in employment opportunities in the Sydney Children’s Hospital’s Network, please refer to the NSW Health ‘Stepping Up’ website

The NSW Ministry of Health developed this dedicated NSW Health recruitment website to assist with the recruitment and retention of Aboriginal applicants into the NSW Health system. This online resource is designed to provide Aboriginal applicants and NSW Health managers with a wide range of information to improve the recruitment of Aboriginal employees within NSW Health.