Amendments and Study Reports

From 1st of April 2021

NSW Health, via the Office of Health & Medical Research (OHMR), requires that all post approval and post authorisation applications and reports be submitted via REGIS. This directive will be implemented across the SCHN as of 1st April 2021. Please refer to the following guide for information on how to navigate REGIS for post approval and post authorisation (e.g. amendments & study reports):

Changes to the Administration Contact person for a research project

For changes to the administration contact for a research study please email the SCHN Research Ethics Office at with the updated administration contact's details ensuring that they match the same contact details within their REGIS account. This will allow the SCHN Research Ethics office to update the research ethics application ONLY ie 20XX/ETHXXXXX. To update the administration contact's details for the STE applications, please submit this request via REGIS as a site amendment to the relevant Research Governance Offices following the REGIS quick reference guide: .