NSW State Scope of Clinical Practice Unit

The State Scope of Clinical Practice Unit works on behalf of all NSW Health Local Health Districts and Specialty Networks and is hosted by the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network.

Our primary goal is to assist NSW Health Local Health Districts and specialty networks to appropriately define the scope of clinical practice of their employed and contracted senior medical practitioners and specialist dentists.

What we do

We aim to engage the medical and dental workforce in this project to develop then maintain model scopes of clinical practice for each medical and dental specialty, according to best-known practice. These are intended to assist Local Health Districts and Specialty Networks to achieve clarity and consistency in the way practitioners’ scope of clinical practice is defined, whilst still allowing for local decisions to be made in accordance with the facility’s need and its role delineation.

The model scopes of clinical practice will also provide a measure of expert input and advice when considering the credentials appropriate for the practice of particular specialities and sub-specialties.

As part of the Unit’s mandate, we undertake research into current policy and practice in other organisations; provide advice to NSW Health regarding credentialing and scope of clinical practice policy and procedure, and consult widely with relevant stakeholders. 

SSoCPU has been given governance and support responsibilities for eCredential, including promotion and oversight of statewide implementation of the eCredential program and management of some aspects including the NSW Health eCredential Steering Committee.

Project history

The project team undertook state-wide consultation in 2015, meeting with senior medical practitioners and dentists in all NSW Health Local Health Districts and Specialty Networks. A Discussion Paper formed the basis of the state-wide consultation process which canvassed key issues around credentialing and defining scope of practice in NSW public hospitals. Two versions are available:

The primary aim was to determine the best template to use to create the model scopes of clinical practice. Feedback was received on the Discussion Paper from many Specialist Medical Colleges, Specialty Societies, and other relevant organisations.

Following this state-wide consultation, a Report was made available which stated a number of recommendations for the SoCP project. This included the template which has now been adopted for development of NSW Health model scopes of clinical practice, as well as key issues for further consideration within NSW Health around credentialing and defining scope of practice in NSW public hospitals.

This template is intended to demonstrate the type of information that may be contained within a NSW Health scope of clinical practice, and will appear in a different format in the NSW Health online credentialing program, eCredential, or in a printed employment or service contract.

More recent presentations on the NSW Health Model Scopes of Clinical Practice project and related SSoCPU activities are available:

Governing Council

The State Scope of Clinical Practice Unit is sponsored by all NSW Health Local Health Districts and as such is overseen by a Governing Council consisting of the following members: 

  • Ms Margot Mains - CE, ISLHD (Chair)
  • Mr Stewart Dowrick - CE, MNCLHD
  • Dr Brett Oliver - Director of Medical Services, SWSLHD
  • Dr Mary McCaskill - Executive Medical Director, SCHN
  • Dr Tim Williams - Executive Director Medical Services,  NNSWLHD
  • Dr Claire Blizard - Medical Director - Medical Portfolio, HETI
  • Dr James Mackie - Medical Director Patient Safety, CEC
  • Prof Neil Merrett - Upper GI Surgeon and Program Director Surgery, SWSLHD
  • Dr Andy Woods, Clinical Lead & Director of Obstetrics, HNELHD
  • Mr Richard Cheney - Clinical Executive Director, ACI
  • Ms Desiree Blackett - Director, Workforce Governance, MoH
  • Dr Roger Boyd - Director SSoCP

Keep in touch

If you are interested in this project you can learn more or support us in our endeavours by joining the email list.

You will receive email updates and be invited to events or to comment on documents as they are available. There is no obligation for members of this group to participate – the level of participation is entirely up to you.

Join the email list?

Email nswh-ssocpu@health.nsw.gov.au 

Contact details

  • Building 11, Macquarie Hospital Corner Wicks Rd and Cox’s Rd North Ryde 2113, NSW Australia
  • Enquiries: (02) 8877 4765
  • Email: NSWH-SSOCPU@health.nsw.gov.au 
Last updated Thursday 8th February 2024