Chronic illness and options after school

It can take time to figure out the right path to take after you finish school.

No matter what pathway you take, there are lots of resources out there to support school leavers living with disability. 

Talk to your school about the annual school leavers disability expo in your area and ask for information about supported working environments. 

Read more about options below to get started. 

NSW Department of Education - Inclusive learning support

The NSW Department of Education is well prepared to support students with disability and additional learning and support needs.

Every school has a learning and support team, and they will look different in every school. Most teams will include a school counsellor and a learning and support teacher. They will support your child and make adjustments to access the curriculum and meet their educational goals.

Other support options include Schools for Specific Purposes (SSPs), disability provisions for exams and assistive technology. 

National Disability Coordination Officer (NDCO) Program

The NDCO program works with universities, TAFEs, not-for-profit community organisations and employment and training service providers to assist people with disability to improve transitions between school/community and tertiary education, through to employment. 

They aim to inform best practice in areas affecting the education and employment of people with disability. 

NDIS School leaver employment support

NDIS offers school leaver employment support so it's a good idea to include them in your planning. Whether you're thinking about work, getting job-ready, or simply after more information, they've got you covered and usually fund post-school services. 

Ability Options

Ability Options is one of the largest disability and employment service providers in NSW.

Whether you're looking for a job, preparing for work or in need of a therapy service that helps you navigate work and life and point you in the right direction, Ability Options is here to support you. 

TAFE NSW Disability Support

TAFE NSW Disability Support will connect you with a local Teacher Consultant who'll be able to assist with course and program guidance and enrolment, fee exemptions, accessibility and assistive technology. 

They can also develop personalised health care plans (for life-threatening situations) and support. 


Each university will have their own Disability Support Service. Ask about them when exploring university options so you can select the right campus for you.

Last updated Friday 31st May 2024