• Celebrating 50 years of kidney transplantation

    Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick and Prince of Wales Hospital, together with peers in nephrology and kidney transplant medicine nationally and internationally, will celebrate the milestone of 50 years since the first kidney transplant in NSW was performed at the Prince Henry Hospital, Little Bay - the second successful kidney transplant in Australia.
  • Not all superheroes need magic powers

    This Sunday Bear Cottage will officially launch the 4th annual Superhero Week, a week that celebrates all of the brave superheroes who grace Bear Cottage's hallways every day.

  • Calling all creatures great and small

    The Children’s Hospital at Westmead will soon fill their halls and walls with a collection of creatures from the animal kingdom for the sixth annual Youth Arts Competition.

  • Medicine with a melody

    For patients at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick and The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, there is a special type of medicine that helps to alleviate the pain and anxiety normally experienced during treatment.

  • Worth a shot to avoid the flu

    Although winter is already here, there are still many months left of the flu season and health experts are reminding parents that it’s never too late to have your child vaccinated against the flu, reinforcing that the vaccine is safe and should be given.