While your child is asleep

When your child is asleep, you will be asked to wait in the waiting room next to the surgical ward until your child has their procedure. 

Do not be concerned if the operation is taking longer than expected, sometimes the surgery team just needs more time. 

While your child is in the operating theatre

  • get something to eat and drink
  • take a stroll around the hospital grounds
  • spend some time in the Parent and Carer Resource Centre at your Hospital (see support chapter). 

After surgery

  • your child will be taken to the recovery ward
  • you will be called to the recovery ward to sit with your child as they wake up from the anaesthetic
  • only two parents and/or carers allowed (no siblings unless they are young babies)
  • it is normal for children to feel upset, drowsy or sick after surgery 

If you have any concerns, please speak to the nursing staff caring for your child.

They are experienced at looking after patients after surgery and will make sure that your child is comfortable. 

If your child does feel pain after the procedure/surgery, they will be given pain relief medication as required.

If your child is having day surgery

After surgery, your child will be moved to the Recovery Unit until they wake up properly. 

When they are ready,  your child will return to the Short Stay Surgical Unit, level 1 (C1SW) at Randwick or the Middleton Ward, level 3 at Westmead. 

Your child will be observed there until they are ready for discharge.

If your child is staying overnight after an operation

After surgery,  your child will be moved to the Recovery Unit.

When your child is ready they be  transferred to a ward for overnight care.

Patients staying less than 72 hours may stay in the Short Stay Surgical Unit (C1SW at Randwick and level 3  at Westmead).

Please keep family and friends visiting your child to a minimum.

Last updated Friday 19th January 2024