Complaints, concerns, compliments

At Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, we want to hear from you, the good and the bad

We can learn important things from your experience and improve the way we deliver care and services for families. 

We want to make communication easy in the hospital setting so that patients experience the best care possible. 

Start by speaking with a member of your child’s health care team or the Nursing Unit Manager of your ward. If you’re still not satisfied, you can:

Share a positive experience with us

Please let us know when a staff member does a great job, or when your overall hospital experience has been positive. We are always keen to hear about and recognise excellent work from our team.

Give a compliment by:

Other ways to have your say

  • talk to your child’s nurse, doctor, or staff member you trust
  • talk to the Nursing Unit Manager who is in charge of the ward or Head of the Department 
  • complete a Patient Experience Survey on the bedside entertainment devices in our emergency departments and wards
  • raise your concerns with the Patient's Friend at each hospital.
Last updated Thursday 22nd February 2024