Premedication (a premed) is the name for medicine that is sometimes given before an anaesthetic. Not all children need a premed.

Some examples of premeds are:

  • Sedatives: if your child is very anxious, they might find it helpful to have something first that makes them feel more relaxed (this is usually given by mouth as a liquid)
  • Pain medication: paracetamol (eg Panadol, Dymadon) is commonly given and will help with pain after the procedure
  • Local anaesthetic cream: for some children, the start of the anaesthetic involves a cannula (needle) first (local anaesthetic cream is used to make the skin numb so that this needle doesn’t hurt)

Regular medication

Please continue with your child’s regular medications and puffers as per usual on the day of the procedure, unless you are told otherwise by a nurse or doctor.

Oral medication can be taken before the procedure with a little water, if necessary.

Last updated Thursday 2nd November 2023