The cancer handbook

The cancer handbook, made for families

You have learned that your child has been diagnosed with cancer. This handbook can help you take part in the care and management of their illness, from diagnosis until after treatment. 

More children than ever are surviving childhood cancer because there are new and better treatments. 

The Sydney Children's Hospitals Network has developed this handbook with input from parents of children with a lived experience of a cancer diagnosis. 

We know that you have many questions about living with cancer, effects of treatment and preparing for the best management and care possible. 

We encourage you to go through the pages at your own pace and discuss any questions with your medical team. We will come up with a holistic and personalised treatment plan together. 

We appreciate any feedback to improve future editions of the handbook. Help us help other families facing childhood cancer.

Remember that every child’s journey is different. It is important to be honest about how you are feeling, and it is okay to cry. Every day will be different, but by taking it one day at a time, one step at a time, and sometimes, one moment at a time, will help you through."

Last updated Wednesday 26th June 2024