Bone growths and tumours

 Bone growths and tumours

What is Fibrous dysplasia?

Fibrous dysplasia is a congenital condition characterised by abnormal bone development, leading to the replacement of normal bone with fibrous tissue. 


Our approach to care

Plastic surgeons, and other specialists work together to carefully assess cases and determine the most effective and personalised treatment strategies. 

Surgical intervention often plays a central role in addressing fibrous dysplasia. Our skilled surgeons utilise advanced techniques to manage the abnormal bone development, with procedures such as bone reshaping and/or removal of the affected bone and reconstruction. The goal is to improve both functional and aesthetic outcomes, ensuring the best possible quality of life for our young patients.

Rehabilitation and ongoing support are integral components of our holistic approach. The Craniofacial service, staffed with experienced therapists, works closely with patients and their families to address any functional challenges related to speech, chewing, and facial movement. 

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For more detailed information on this condition, see the Fibrous dysplasia factsheet. 

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Last updated Wednesday 8th May 2024