Cleft Lip and Palate 

Cleft lip and palate 

Cleft lip and palate conditions

  • Rare craniofacial clefts: Craniofacial clefts are malformations that children are born with that involve abnormalities in the formation of facial tissues (including the lips, nose, eyelids, eyebrows and palate), resulting in openings or gaps in the structure of the face. These conditions are exceptionally rare and require specialised expertise for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Surgical techniques may include delicate tissue repair, bone grafting, and reconstructive procedures to rebuild the affected areas. The goal is not  to correct the physical anomalies and optimise functions like speech and swallowing. 

Rehabilitation and ongoing support are integral parts of our approach.

  • Fronto-nasal dysplasia: Fronto-nasal dysplasia is a congenital condition characterised by abnormalities in the development of the front of the face, affecting the forehead and nasal regions.

Our approach to care

Rare craniofacial clefts

Our dedicated team of specialists in the Craniofacial service understand the unique challenges of children and families with craniofacial clefts, and we are committed to providing compassionate and tailored care. 

The treatment of rare craniofacial clefts involves a team-based approach, with surgeons, plastic surgeons, speech therapists, and other specialists collaborating to address both the functional and cosmetic aspects of the condition. Surgical intervention is often a key component of the treatment plan, aiming to repair the clefts and restore normal facial structure. 

Each case is unique, and our team carefully assesses the extent of the craniofacial cleft, considering factors such as the location and severity of the deformity.

Our team is equipped with experienced therapists who work closely with patients and their families to address speech and feeding challenges. We understand the emotional impact that craniofacial clefts can have on children, and our team includes psychologists who provide valuable support throughout the treatment journey. 

Fronto-nasal dysplasia 

Surgical intervention is often a central component of the treatment strategy for fronto-nasal dysplasia. Our skilled surgeons employ advanced techniques to address the anomalies in the forehead and nasal regions, aiming to achieve optimal functional and aesthetic outcomes. 

Plastic surgeons and other specialists work together to assess each case and develop personalised treatment plans. Procedures may include cranial vault remodelling, forehead reconstruction, and nasal surgery, all performed with precision and care.

Our commitment extends beyond surgical expertise. Rehabilitation and ongoing support are integral parts of our approach. Our Craniofacial service is equipped with experienced therapists who collaborate with patients and their families to address any functional challenges related to speech, breathing, and facial movement. 

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For more detailed information on these conditions, see the Cleft lip and palate handbook. 

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Last updated Wednesday 8th May 2024