Who's who in PICU?

Our PICUs are busy places. Here's a list of who's who and what they do.


An Intensivist is a specialist doctor who is qualified in the care of critically ill children. They lead our PICU medical teams. They are also known as a Staff Specialist or Consultant.


Fellows are doctors and trainee Intensivists who are in the final stages of their training.


Registrars are trainee specialists undertaking formal training programs in Intensive Care, Paediatric Medicine, Surgery, Anaesthetics, Emergency Medicine and other disciplines.

Consulting Staff Specialists 

Consulting staff specialists are doctors who are specialists in a specific area of the care of children - e.g. a neurosurgeon or a paediatrician. The Staff Specialist shares the responsibility of caring for your child with the Intensivist while they are in PICU, and continue to care for them after they leave the PICU.

A consulting staff specialist works with a multidisciplinary team comprising fellows, registrars, residents (junior doctors) as well as nurses, allied health staff and support staff.

PICU Nurses

The PICU team is made up of a Nurse Manager, Nurse Unit Managers( NUM), a Nurse Educator (NE),  Clinical Nurse Educators (CNE), Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) and over 100 Registered Nurses (RN).

The nursing team is a dynamic, energetic and dedicated group, providing critical care to a complex and diverse patient population. Frontline clinicians are supported by a number of expert practitioners and hands-on clinical leadership team who provide hour-to-hour bedside care delivery.

Nurse Practitioners

PICU has a team of Nurse Practitioners are experienced and knowledgeable paediatric intensive care nurses. They are expert responders to a deteriorating child and provide clinical support to both nursing and medical staff.

PICU Nurse Practitioners have a range of clinical skills including advanced assessment, diagnostic ordering and reasoning, decision-making, prescribing, intravenous access, airway management, and team-leading acute situations.

Allied Health

The Allied Health team includes Physiotherapist, Occupational therapists, Dietitians, Speech Therapists, Social Worker, Clinical Pharmacist

Support Staff

Data and Quality Managers, Administrative assistant, Ward Clerks


Last updated Monday 26th February 2024