Palliative care and bereavement handbook

Palliative care is not only about end-of-life care. It enhances the quality of life for a child and their family by providing individualised care and helping families to identify and meet their goals.

Caring for a child with a life limiting illness can be difficult for parents, siblings, grandparents and other involved care givers.

Paediatric palliative care provides support to families caring for a child with a life limiting illness. Care is tailored to each family’s unique and individualised needs to help make decisions about the planning of care throughout a child’s illness.

This can reduce some of the fear and anxiety experienced during this difficult time. Paediatric palliative care is different to adult palliative care.

When children are diagnosed with rare medical conditions it can be difficult to predict how an illness will progress. Some children may be patients of a palliative care service over many years.

Last updated Monday 5th February 2024