Going home (discharge)

Your doctor or nurse will inform you when your child can go home (be discharged) and arrange for any necessary follow-up appointments.

We aim to discharge children staying overnight by 10am. Please be prepared for early discharge. 

If you think there might be difficulties with arranging your own transport to go home when your child is discharged, please raise this with the nursing staff as soon as possible.

It is important to make sure you are comfortable with caring for your child before you leave the Hospital.

You will receive everything you need to care for your child when at home, such as treatment instructions and medications (there may be a cost for the medication).

When is my child able to eat and drink?

Depending on the type of procedure or operation, food and drink will be slowly given to your child.

Staff will let you know when your child may start to eat and drink.

Patient transfers

If your child no longer requires highly specialised care, your child’s healthcare team may arrange to transfer your child to an appropriate hospital in your local area.

Transfers are discussed with parents or carers and allow the Hospital to continue providing high-level care to the most seriously ill children.

Helping your child adjust back to everyday life

Some children may return to home life quite quickly, while others may need your help.

During the adjustment period, your child may:

  • want extra attention
  • change their behaviour 
  • have trouble sleeping 

It may take time to settle back into old routines. If you have any concerns, speak to your doctor or a member of your child's healthcare team. 

Last updated Friday 19th January 2024